Katharine Kreisher's LINKS


galembo.com Phyllis Galembo - Photographer
suzanneszucs.com Suzanne Szucs - Photographer
lainwyatt.com Laine Wyatt - Photographer
angelafarisbelt.com Angela Faris Belt - Photographer
wmjaegar.com William Jaegar - Photographer
lightwork.org photo organization in Syracuse, NY
spenational.org Society for Photographic Education
cpw.org The Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY
vsw.org Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY
cepagallery.org gallery in Buffalo, NY
andersonranch.org residencies and workshops near Aspen, CO
mainemedia.edu Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME
blueskygallery.org gallery in Portland, OR
cooperstownart.com gallery in Cooperstown, NY
robbiesteinbach.com artist (photo)
staffordsmith.net artist (photo)
martinbenjamin.com artist (photo)
stockrockshots.com pictures of musicians by Marty Benjamin
stephenjosephphoto.com artist (photo)
mariesusanne.com artist (photo)
harrietcaldwell.com artist (installation/dreams/holocaust)
millaycolony.org artists' retreat, Austerlitz, NY
pinholeday.org pinhole camera web site
www12.plala.or.jp/garymoler/ anagama ceramic artist in Japan
carolekismaric.com photo editor's interviews
photo/video artist
raykophoto.com photo center/gallery in San Francisco
tulubayar.com photo/video artist
volcanoeditions.com gallery and print service in Oneonta
museum with substantial photo collection